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Chicano Romance Author

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What's up, everyone! The about me section is always tough for me to write. Here, in my novels, or when I'm asked for bios for different things. I feel like I'm bragging. 

Having said that there are things I want you to know. I'm Brown N Proud! For real though homie. My culture means everything to me. I'm a 90's kid and represent it in everything I do. (It was the best time to grow up, neta.) I have lived all over the country for short periods of time because I'm a traveler. I love cruising and listening to Tupac on summer nights. My crew keeps me grounded. Because no matter what I do in this life I can't ever be too big for them. Sitting around the bonfire with them sipping on Corona's is where you will find me.

I am the proud owner of a  Chicano Culture shop and Bookstore located in my beautiful Central Valley of Cali.

I am a mama to three and they rule my world. My husband has taught me how to love with no boundaries and to live life to the fullest. 

In my writing, you will find my whole life, the sad, bad, good, and most importantly the freaken amazing things I have and continue to experience.

Stop by and say what's up to me and my crew whenever you're in town.





Riding Low

Grazia 's parents have left her feeling fear and sadness. She is always on guard and ready to fight. Life is feeling heavy for her. She needs a change and she knows it. 


Let Me Take You Vol. 1

Ernesto is an educated man. He works hard and plays even harder. His family means everything to him. When it comes to business he knows exactly what to do. When it comes to his personal life..that's another story.


Let Me Take You Vol. 2

Alandra is sure of everything she has done. She's independent, strong and smart. The moment she meets Ernesto something is different. But she knows all about him. Can he convince her to Let him take her on a ride?

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