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April 30, 2018

I have a blog that I share insights on. I encourage anyone who has a story to tell on love to share it with me. You can remain anonymous or you can allow me to use your name. Whatever the situation you have been in with love share it. So many people feel alone when experiencing all the emotions that come with love. Your story or paragraph or even sentence can change someone’s train of thought. Share it, don’t be afraid. Myeyesycorazon@gmail.com 
Let’s help each other





My first contributor. In her own words.

"Distorted love, I have been exposed to distorted love all my life. It was presumed that it was more negative then positive little did I know, that the older I’ve gotten, by observing others and hearing about others personal relationships I later learned that love is effortless. When you are truly are in sink and have an open heart equal to having an open mind Love is limitless and abundant. Speaking from personal experiencelove definitely can put you to the test, As cliche as it may sound through my heart ache and turbulent experiences I have learned from my mistakes and not so much blame but to try to understand. In my case I had to get my heart broken a few times, so that I may learn how to love myself to be self-aware that it ultimately starts with me & pass that along, that alone is priceless and is the most loving & compassionate thing you can do especially in world that sees love as a weakness when in fact its to be considered as a strength. -Mujer con Fuerza"


This is real. There is plenty of pain with love. And self love is of the utmost importance. Learn from those mistakes. True love is empowering.

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