May 29, 2018

I ran into an interesting article today. And it was so interesting to me because it talked about "The First Kiss" Lets not be shy about this now. Go back in that memory bank, dig into that archived file. Your getting closer, closer...wait! There it is! The tabbed yellow folder that says "First kiss" I have yet to meet someone that says they don't remember who there first kiss was. And if by some chance that's you, dig further into that file cabinet. Now that fist kiss is always memorable, maybe in a good way maybe in a bad way.

=My First Kiss=

First I wont mention any names. Although I really want to I'm not gonna lie. But for his sake and mine I wont. It was our 8th grade dance, and we had been going out for a few weeks. Of course hormones at graduation were raging and the first slow song came on (How I wish I remembered what song it was) He asked me to dance and I grabbed his hand and we went to dance. Mid song he gives me a kiss then, yup! The french kiss! I had heard rumors about it, I had heard legends about it. But to my horror it was nothing like they said. I will take the blame for this one! It was my first kiss and I had no clue what I was doing but for him having  "Experience" he really didn't either. I got licked on the cheek and ran off the dance floor! Yup just like that I literally ran off the dance floor. I was like deuces homeboy! I broke up with him the next day of course in full 8th grad fashion. I had a friend tell him. And sopatelas it was over! But I'll never forget that first kiss in my life and I am 35 years old, with the same man for 18 years, 3 children, two rottweilers, three classic cars and I cant forget that kiss. And I am so glad I cant forget it. The best memories ever! What was your first kiss like? 

Andale be real with it, como paso??

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