First Craft Fair!

July 20, 2018



Our first craft fair was a success! I have to say that I love that its a family affair. I couldn't do all these things I think of and plot without the support of my babies and this handsome man I call my husband.

For weeks we were working hard making cadenas, aretes, boxes and so many other things. 



 This was the debut of

mijo's custom skateboards he had worked on for weeks! At one point in that process he got really sick and ended up in the ER. When he woke up one day finally feeling better after a week out of commission he said "'''I had a dream that I had finished all the boards" I couldn't stop laughing. If that doesn't show commitment then I don't know what does.




Of course my chulas  do not stay behind! They worked hard on their jewelry and we are so pleased to say that they made the first 5 sales that day! (not even I made the first sale) It was over 100 degrees that day and they worked that stand until papa finally came in and forced them to go home. It's not only about the fun of the making but its also about working hard. I couldn't be more proud that they stuck it out in the heat talking to customers trying to make those sales. Way to hustle mis reynas.








We are definitely up and coming! And I cannot wait for everyone to see the many bigger ideas we have for our business. If  you are thinking of starting something a business, a book, a drawing anything your thinking of don't be discouraged by the slow start. Everyone stars somewhere and as long as you put heart and soul into it, it will work! So here is our heart and soul, mucho amor!





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