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July 23, 2018


I met this young man when he was 19. I was 17. I didn't know he was different from the get go.  It took me a while to see. I began to like everything about about him. His wild ways were fun, his laugh made me happy, the effort he put into me made me love him. He made sure I was always happy. It could be a carne asada after I got out of work. A night trip to the lake where we would talk and laugh for hours or picking me up from work and saying we were going to San Jose for a few days. He was teaching me how to be carefree and live an amazing life. I had been through some tough things. Realizing that things could be different was hard for me. But, he made it easy.




We were together 4 years when we decided it was time to have a baby. A year later Devin arrived. Our lives were about to change. 

from the moment this man found out he wold be a papa he was crazed. He said he knew he would have a son, and we did. 

He was up all night cause Devin had his nights confused. He would carry his baby all day, feed him change, change him and talk to him for hours. 

When he would be barbecuing he would have his son in his bouncer next to him telling him how to grill and how you season meat. He would talk to him about cars and how engines work. Devin was 2 months old.



 As the years passed more babies were added into our crew. When we found out we were pregnant again this man would kneel down at the foot of the bed and pray for twins. While I was in complete fear that god would hear his prayers! I will be forever grateful that we were blessed with our Jiovanna, (Not twins)

When Jiovanna was born this man was working and going to school. He missed a lot of time with her. When weekends would arrive he just wanted to be tied in with her and Devin. The time he missed being with her was taking a toll. He decided to take time off school an slow down on work. I begged him not to. I told him the sooner he finshed school the sooner we would have him back. He still took two months off school and spent his every moment he had free with Devin and Vanna. He would comb her hair and play dolls with her. Devin was trying to teach her new tricks (Just like if she was a doggie) Papa would sit back and watch them laughing and teaching them how to do tricks on bikes, on motorcycles  and how to slide down backwards at the park.



The icing on the cake arrived on November 2, 2010. Charlie came in with a bang! I got up early one morning and didn't feel her moving my stomach was low. I tried to get her to move and nothing. I was so scared I didn't wake him up I got in the car and drove myself to the hospital. I was a mess. I couldn't talk through my sobbing. I was immediately attached to machines and the monitors. I finally remembered to call him and tell him. He was crazed! He couldn't believe I had driven myself and worst of all he couldn't he believe he didn't know I was gone for over 20 min at 4 am! He arrived to the hospital within 10 minutes. He was a Doctor the moment he arrived checking the monitors the contractions time, my blood pressure, But he was so mad at me. I was crying of course and they couldn't find Charlies heart beat. The fear set in of what the outcome could be and he was a mess. He just couldn't imagine not bringing Charlie home. He's pacing the room like crazy when over the monitors you hear her heart beat. The nurse in the room even cried. I was a disaster but he, he was loosing his mind. He ran over to me hugging and kissing me telling me how mad he was at me for driving at that hour alone. Charlie was a healthy 9 lbs 3 oz.


 The man you see here jumping into the river with his son and two daughter's is an amazing papa. Every game, assembly, award, field trip ER visit at 2 am  he is there. He knows there favorite cereal, ice cream, food and what flavor they like in there milk. He is amazing.


 Now, I thought I loved him before we had our babies. But I had no idea how much I would love him as I watched how he loved them. For the last 15 years I'm behind the camera always capturing those moments. I walk behind them as they walk together laughing. I love him beyond words for the papa he became, is and forever will be. 


The man of my dreams is named Javier Isidoro he holds 3 precious beings close to his heart. They always come first. I love how he loves them, looks at them, heals there booboos, throws them in the pool and a million other things. He has always known the way to my heart. When he became a papa it was sealed. 


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