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November 12, 2019




First let me say this has a filter for two reasons. 


1. It was a birthday filter that I thought was super cute for my b day.

2. I was a mess today, frizzy hair, pajamas all day. It wasn't a hang over it was a chill day.


Now for the story. This birthday feels different to me. Yes I'm getting older but its something else that I haven't figured out just yet. Maybe some new discovery awaits? Maybe I'm getting wiser on another level? I'm just not sure. but one thing I do know is this, I feel I have the right to gloat this day. This day at 5:18 am I came into this earth. In the last 37 years of my life I have done amazing things that will forever leave a mark in my mind and heart. In the last 37 years I have met amazing people that I can't live without.  I have met people that I am glad have exited my life. And I have lost people that cracked my earth and it will forever be changed.

 But what is loud and clear in my mind is that in my lifetime I have loved and continue to love. I love Javie, who lights up my life with his presence. I can only envision my life with him. I love my 3 babies that we created. I love that I get to raise my children and go to sleep every night and wake up knowing that I am the mother I never had. I will always strive to be a better mama because that is first and foremost in my life. Being a mother is the greatest love. 

I love the people that surround us and love me Javie and the kids with no boundaries. I love that these people go above and beyond for us. I love that the family that was supposed to be present in our lives wasn't because they taught us to value the family and friends that we call family. I have had losses like everyone else. My heart has hurt. But having said that, I have loved and continue to love. 

In my 37 years of life I have been a girlfriend, made out with the man of my dreams on the hood of a car for hours. I have been pregnant 3 times and given birth to one son and two daughters. I have watched them take their first steps, witnessed their first smiles, tell their first jokes, go to their first day of school, and so many other amazing things. I have had the very best people around me and watched them support me with no questions asked. I have bought my first home, my first new car, I was even given my 1970 by a handsome man. I have traveled thousands of miles to experience new things, see new cities and live in the moment. I have written novels and been published. I have opened my shop and become a business owner. I have laughed till I cried in my 37 years.

I feel the right to gloat.


My birthday celebrations started on Thursday. I got picked up by my crew and we went out to have drinks and of course in our style we had dollar drinks cause duh! That's how we can afford to drink. Friday I got home after an event and Javie had me dinner and we had a few drinks outside. Saturday I watched mijo repel from the Marriott in Visalia over 100 foot drop

we were also vendors at this amazing event. Then went to a birthday party with our crew then home to have my birthday celebrated by my prima who cooked all the food and came to hang out with us next to a bonfire. We had 6 kids over at the house and watching them all do the floss and then Javie join them was the best entertainment. And Saturday I spent at the lake with my primas and very close friends just us girls drinking and talking about life. When I got home the rest of my crew was waiting with food and cakes and of course Javie barbecuing. We drank and laughed late into the night.

Today we spent my actual birthday laying from my bed to the couch as Javie cooked every meal for us and we watched movie after movie. My back even hurts from just laying around. But I took some ibuprofen and took care of that real quick. My life is grand. And no matter all the amazing things I accomplish these moments spent with the ones I love the most are more valuable then anything else. I don't lose sight of what matters most. 

So on that note 37 years have been fucken great! I still have so much more of my story to tell and cannot wait to share it with you all.

Make sure you tell your story well!

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